Seeds Of Culture Change

The National Wildlife Federation has been on a journey to become a more equitable and just organization. Join hosts Kaila Drayton and Nicole Litwiller as they interview staff from across the Federation to hear their vulnerable, funny, and insightful reflections about this journey.

This is a podcast for anyone who wants to invest in their own anti-oppression journey. Whether you’re striving to create change at your own organization, or you are a self-employed artist, we all have the capacity to influence our own spheres. This podcast will help plant seeds and bring us all along on the journey together.

While this podcast aims to tell an honest story of where the National Wildlife Federation has been and where it is going, it is important to note that the guests and hosts of this podcast are sharing from their own personal experiences. Lived experiences are a form of truth, and many stories exist. Therefore, views expressed on this podcast are those of the hosts and individual guests and do not necessarily reflect those of NWF, or of other organizations and affiliates.

Seeds of Culture Change - what's your dream nwf?

Episode 10

What’s Your Dream NWF?

What better way to close out the season than to imagine together what we hope the future of the National Wildlife Federation will look like? We’re closing out the season with NWF President and CEO Collin O’Mara and a familiar voice, Chanté Coleman (Senior Vice President of Equity and Justice). We will also hear reflections from folks across the federation staff to dream up the NWF of the future together.

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seeds of culture change podcast cover

Episode 9

The Personal Journey

Our own personal equity journeys are essential in this work. This episode will feature storytelling from Lisa Moore and Zach Cockrum, folks who have spent time self-reflecting on their journeys with accountability, healing, and repair.

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Equitable Storytelling podcast cover

Episode 8

Equitable Storytelling

Stories are powerful. Narratives shape the world around us, which is why it is crucial that we approach storytelling equitably. In this episode, we’ll speak with Lisa Moore and Andrea Auguiste to learn about the National Wildlife Magazine’s journey as they strive to become more equitable storytellers and how that impacts philanthropic efforts.

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Episode 7

Wellness is Counter-Cultural

Prioritizing wellness is one significant way that the National Wildlife Federation has been approaching equity work. In this episode, we’ll explore the ways that NWF has been prioritizing employee wellbeing and consider the steps that still need to be taken with guests Hillary Fenrich, Tiffany Jones (Carey), and Natalie Cohen.

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Seeds of culture change - Employee Resource Groups

Episode 6

Employee Resource Groups

The Employee Resource Group program has been an impactful addition to the structure of the National Wildlife Federation. This episode will feature reflections from a few ERG members on the ways that ERGs have impacted their NWF experiences.

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Seeds of Culture Change - It's all connected

Episode 5

It's All Connected

Affiliates, Programs, Partners, oh my! This episode will dig into some of the structures of NWF, namely affiliates and HECHO (Hispanics Enjoying Camping, Hunting, and the Outdoors). Join guests Juliet Slutzker and Camilla Simon as we explore how these different parts of NWF are approaching equity and justice and learn how it’s all connected.

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Catalysts of Change podcast cover

Episode 4

Catalysts of Change

What really pushed us to finally take equity and justice seriously at the National Wildlife Federation? Hear from two people, Chanté Coleman and Les Welsh, who dedicated time and energy to this work in its earlier stages, along with their reflections on where things are now.

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Seeds of Culture change episode 3 cover

Episode 3

Then and Now: From Founding to Present

Our journey continues by zooming in on the National Wildlife Federation. We’re looking at the founding of NWF, and considering what elements of the founding culture remain present today.

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Episode 2

The Movement We Come From

It’s our first interview of the season! To settle us into the context of the National Wildlife Federation, we must understand the broader movement. In this episode, we chat with Rebeca Villegas (Sr. Manager, Environmental Justice) and Nizhooni St Paul (Hurd) (Coordinator Tribal Program Partner) about the complex history of the conservation movement with particular attention to the “who.”

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Episode 1

Get to Know Your Hosts

Meet your co-hosts, Kaila Drayton and Nicole Litwiller, and get the lay of the land for this season of Seeds of Culture Change!

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Welcome to Seeds of Culture Change

Introducing Seeds of Culture Change! Check out the trailer to learn what we will be diving into throughout this podcast.

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